Officially summertime!

Hi everyone!

Guess what!? It's officially summertime! I am SO excited for what this season will bring and I hope you are too! 

Before I get into what's been going on, let's start off with a couple updates/announcements:

1. Many of you are probably wondering about what is happening with my tour with High School Nation. Not to worry - it is still happening!! Due to weather (snow days) and year-end testing, it has been difficult to coordinate dates with schools here in the northeast. That being said, the tour has been delayed until the Fall. While we were hoping to fit it all in before summer arrived, it actually is better that it worked out this way because it gives my band more time to work on some new music for all of you! So, this Fall, expect an EP and a whole lot of new merchandise - both on the website and at our shows!

2. Recently, I signed with Another Wonder Entertainment - a booking and marketing agency here in NY. I am beyond excited to announce this because it ultimately means more shows and more tours! We are expecting to get some more dates up on the calendar soon, so stay tuned and make sure to keep checking back here for updates! It's certainly looking like it's going to be a busy summer...

Here I am pictured with my new agent, Shan Patrick.

Moving on...

My band and I recently played at Montauk Music Festival on May 16th. Besides the rainy and cold weather, it was a lot of fun! I mean, who wouldn't love a day trip to the Hamptons!? We enjoyed playing at Montauk Beach Club and North by Northeast. We also enjoyed our yummy, free meals - a big thank you to both of the wonderful venues for hosting us and keeping us well fed! We are definitely hoping to play some more shows out there this summer! What a great place to share doing what we love with others who appreciate the craft just as much! Also, can't forget the beach... the beach is pretty great too. 

Looking ahead, we do have a show scheduled for Cafe Wha? in July. Details for that show should be posted within the next week or so. I also heard heard through the grapevine (lol) that I may have my first tour of the summer starting in the middle of July... I do not have the details on that yet/do not know what it is for or where it goes, but I promise I will post ASAP once I find out! Until then, keep rockin'.

xoxo, Ali


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Montauk Music Festival, May 2015!

Hello all you lovely people!

Guess what!?

THIS weekend, my band and I are taking a road trip up to Montauk for the Montauk Music Festival! We are beyond excited and cannot wait to perform for all you beachgoers! 

Schedule is as follows:

Saturday, May 16th

6:30-7:30pm @ The Montauk Beach House

10-11pm @ East by North East

Ryder, Greg, Kevin, and I will be carpooling up to Montauk. Definitely stay tuned for some hilarious footage and pics of our adventure. You can follow our trip on Instagram @IMAliIsabella. Even though our performances are in the evening, we plan to get up to the Hamptons sometime in the early afternoon. Come find us at the beach! We are bringing tons of fun merch and would definitely love to meet all of our fans! 

We are so so SO excited to kickoff the summer season with the Montauk Music Festival! Come on out to the Hamptons for the weekend and join the party! Hope to see you there! 





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Upcoming High School Tour!

April showers (of occasional snow) bring May flowers? I hope?

Happy first couple weeks of Spring! We are finally getting closer to Summer (aka everyone's favorite season)! BUT, before we get all excited about school being let out... you must know that my band and I plan to tour 20 high schools in these remaining two months! We have teamed up with High School Nation and plan to be on the road any minute now. Once the dates are in, they will be posted here on my website, as well as on the Facebook page. Until then, reach out to us on Twitter @IMAliIsabella and let us know if you'd like us to come perform at your high school! Who knows, maybe we'll add a few more dates in there before Summer break? 

Now, let's take a look at this past month...

On March 3rd, my band and I performed at the legendary Bitter End in NYC. What a blast that was! We always enjoy performing there - a great stage and an amazing sound system! 

On March 12th, we returned to Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village, NYC. We had a really fun time debuting a new song I recently recorded, "Ain't No Grave", as well some other new cover songs, such as "Rich Girl" (Hall & Oates) and "Lips Are Movin'" (Meghan Trainor). 

Also, we squeezed in a surprise cover of Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder & Lead" this past month as well. This song is our all-time favorite country song to cover. We uploaded a video to my YouTube page, but if you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out below:

Additionally, up until present, I've been writing a lot in the city with a couple different songwriter/producers with a focus on Pop music. I know many of you have been waiting very patiently for me to release some new music, so I plan to do so this Summer with a 4 track EP. I hope to have some new songs ready to go by the time we start the high school tour so you can hear a little sneak peak. Make sure to keep checking back here for updates!



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Will the cold ever end?

This month has been absolutely crazy with the weather! We've had a bunch of shows cancelled and then rescheduled, but still managed to have a great month playing Bowery Electric and the BMI Acoustic Lounge at Rockwood Music Hall.

On February 18th, we had our show at Bowery Electric. Great place, great people! Our set started at 10:30pm and we danced the night away with a bunch of great pop covers and some originals. 











On February 24th, I was invited to play the BMI Acoustic Lounge. I shared the stage that night with another artist, Nisha. Check out the official poster:

Overall, the gig was super fun! We had a great crowd and each shared five original songs. Since the gig was acoustic, it was just me and Ryder (guitar) that night. I sang (in this order) "Love's Gonna Find You" (Ali Isabella, David Myhre, Susan Ruth), "Kiss the Back Of My Blue Jeans Goodbye" (Ali Isabella, Christian Velasco-Mills), "Remind My Heart" (Ali Isabella, Marty Dodson, Ryan Tyndell), "Crazy Beautiful Life" (Ali Isabella, JP Rende), and "Shame On You" (Ali Isabella, Chas Sandford). Shoutout to all my awesome cowriters for helping me create such great songs! 

Me and Ryder with the BMI sign! We felt like superstars.

This upcoming month of March, we have a couple shows on the calendar, including March 3rd at The Bitter End at 9pm, and March 12th at Cafe Wha? at 7pm with Smoldr as the opening act. Each show has a $5 cover charge. RSVP to both events on my Facebook page. Hope to see you at one of them!

Also, something to be excited about... my band and I are about to embark on a high school tour with High School Nation. We are looking to start the tour within the upcoming month. Stay tuned for more details.



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